One to One Training


Many students fail to master a subject through lack of attention from, and inability to communicate with their tutor. With one-to-one interactions students can learn at their own pace, master more material, remember their course work and enjoy learning, because they will feel empowered to take control of their education, have the confidence to communicate their needs, and receive personalized attention enabling them to succeed.

  • The student will never miss a class or fall behind
  • The student will not fear failure through comparison to other students. In a low stress one to one environment, students will have a completely safe space to openly share their views and problems
  • The student can personalize conversations, addressing the things that they need help with, rather than repeating lessons they have already mastered.
  • The student feels heard due to high quality interaction where the tutor is committed to listening to the student and actively responding, through student driven conversations
  • The tutor will adapt to the student’s communication style, offering opportunities to practice inter-personal communication. The student will not have to decode the tutor’s messages before learning the material and working out how to communicate back to the tutor
  • The tutor can gauge the student’s progress and better identify their successes and struggles, adjusting lessons in a way that fully serves the student
  • Avoids overstimulation and eliminates distractions, meaning the student is more focused
  • The student has to step up and not rely on others to provide the answers for them.

The cost of this service will vary according to your specific requirements.

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