Pregnancy Massage

8)Pregnancy CPD


COURSE CONTENT                                                                                                          

Legislation/Professional Code of Conduct                                                                                    

Anatomy and Physiology:-

The Muscular System                                               

The Circulatory and Lymphatic Systems              


Stages of Pregnancy                                                                                  

Physiological Changes in the Body’s Systems                                                      

Hormone Levels                                                                                                            

Physiological Changes in the Mother                                                                     

Foetal development                                                                                                          

Pregnancy Massage                                                                                                     


Massage Techniques/Precautions                                                                            

Basic Pregnancy Routine                                                                                             

Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction                                                                                    



DURATION: 2 days (10.5 hours)


PREREQUISITES: Body Massage Diploma, Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology

This course is intended for anyone who has already undertaken a basic body massage course :-

  • and would like to extend their treatment range to include pregnancy massage



  • to develop your understanding of the role, skills and qualities of a successful massage therapist in relation to the pregnant/postnatal client
  • to extend your knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the human body during pregnancy
  • to understand the physical and mental health benefits of massage therapy for the pregnant/postnatal client
  • to familiarise yourself with pregnancy massage and the techniques used


Theory assessment- 40 points

Practical Assessment  - 16 points

When the theory and practical points are added together, a percentage is then taken. The overall pass mark must exceed 70%.

QUALIFICATION: Pregnancy Massage accredited with Think Tree and will meet the criteria for obtaining public liability insurance. Theory and practical training and assessment with a pass score of 70%. If you don’t pass the first time you can retake the assessment at no extra charge.


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