Advanced Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage

  • Number of students: 2
  • Teacher: Sam Curtis
  • Released: 06.02.2021 19:16
  • Level: Advanced
  • Duration:
  • Price: £ 250.00 - £ 262.00
  • Lesson Release: One lesson per day

Table of Contents

Legislation & Professional Code of Conduct
Self Breast Massage to Promote Lactation




  • to develop your understanding of the role, skills and qualities of a successful massage therapist in relation to the pregnant/postnatal client
  • to extend your knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the human body during pregnancy
  • to understand the physical and mental health benefits of massage therapy for the pregnant/postnatal client
  • to learn acupressure techniques for treating the full term pregnant client
  • to understand not only the effect of pregnancy massage on the mother and baby, but also on the placenta
  • to develop an understanding of the conditions that affect women in pregnancy and the postnatal period which can cause back tension and other issues for which they seek a treatment (fertility problems, SPD, pelvic floor weakness, abdominal diastasis, postnatal depression, breastfeeding problems, post caesarean section care)
  • to identify these pregnancy related conditions and be able to offer the client self help measures that they can do at home


Plan Name Price
Bank Transfer (UK Only): £ 250.00
Payment via PAYPAL: £ 262.00


Sam Curtis

I am an FHT registered and fully insured therapist and accredited massage tutor. I have many years of medical experience in addition to my 23 years+ experience in massage therapy. I specialise in children with cerebral palsy, domestic abuse and PTSD, pregnancy and postnatal health, women's health and post surgical care, as well as sports injuries.

After teaching student nurses and running Active Birth workshops, I decided to start teaching massage because I recognise that there are too many gaps in massage training. Students are taught the contraindications, but not how to apply them. They go into practice not understanding basic medical conditions that they will regularly be faced with or how to tell when something is a contraindication or a precaution. Consequently I have heard too much negative feedback from clients who come to me after seeing numerous therapists, none of whom have been able to explain why they have a particular problem. I have also witnessed too many therapists now, some of whom have been working as a massage therapist for 10 years, yet still dont understand the basic anatomy and physiology and don't know the right questions to ask to ensure the wellbeing of their clients, resulting in them giving clients completely inappropriate treatments for their medical conditions.

My training courses therefore, are unique in the way they generally take on a more medical approach and give the therapist the information needed to ask the right questions.

IHBC, IIST, IIHHT, Dip. Nursing, BSc Midwifery, Active IQ Dip., IICT, CMA, IPHM



PREREQUISITES: Body Massage Diploma, Pregnancy Massage, Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology

This course is intended for anyone who has already undertaken basic body massage course training and pregnancy massage :-

  • and would like to refresh their knowledge in this area
  • and would like to further their knowledge of the conditions that affect pregnant/postnatal clients which may lead them to book a treatment, with self help measures that they can suggest to their clients
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Legislation & Professional Code of Conduct
Self Breast Massage to Promote Lactation

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