• A little about me

    I qualified in Swedish massage and Preheat treatments back in 1997, and while I continued to use my massage qualification, my main career was as a surgical nurse and then a midwife on a high risk unit. After another 9 years of working with mainly physically disabled children and volunteering in disabled sports camps, I also qualified as a sports therapist. My medical background has given me a good understanding of both physical and mental health issues and injuries for which massage treatments may be sought, and the ability to identify causes of muscle tension that other therapists may not be able to. I particularly have lots of experience of using massage in physically disabled children , particularly spastic cerebral palsy, and in women's health, domestic abuse victims and PTSD sufferers.

    I have identified the gaps in current massage training courses and have come across therapists who despite years of experience still don't have the knowledge to ask the right questions or explain a clients issues, and are therefore still often carrying out inappropriate treatments. Many of my courses are the only courses of their kind and offer a more medical focus to give therapists the knowledge that is needed to adapt their practice and safely treat their clients.

  • My Medical Experience

    My massage training is unique because it draws on the knowledge and skills I have from my medical career, incorporating those into the massage arena.

    I worked across a wide range of specialities as a surgical nurse, (gynaecology, general surgery, orthopaedics, recovery, ear, nose and throat, cosmetic and endoscopy) as well as dealing with terminally ill patients. I am particularly knowledgeable about women’s health, having been diagnosed with endometriosis, which for years left me in daily chronic pain and with fertility issues. Not only can I teach therapists about the medical side, but I can also help them to understand how chronic pain affects someone personally because I've experienced it and know first hand the impact it has on daily life. It is often this personal experience that clients relate to, and it is my personal experience that adds another dimension to my training.

    Also having been a midwife, I am well aware of the changes in a woman's body during pregnancy which can cause discomfort. Postural changes that occur as the body's centre of gravity shifts, combined with stretching of the pelvic ligaments can result in pelvic pain and additional stress on the joints and muscles. However, there are not only many high risk conditions that can arise during pregnancy which may impact on the client mentally and physically, but also long lasting changes that may occur in the body following pregnancy, that many therapists do not relate to muscle tension further down the line.

    It isn't only my medical experiences that I feel give my training courses another dimension, but also my personal experiences. 

    One of the issues I have witnessed therapists either mishandle or simply not know how to deal with is the client who has been through trauma or suffering with PTSD.  I have suffered with PTSD as a consequence of many years in an abusive marriage, but this gave me an insight into trauma that most massage therapists don’t have. My clients know that they can talk to me confidentially about anything, even abuse and trauma, because they know I have personal experience, as well as professional. Clients often feel like they’re the only person going through something, or that the people around them don’t understand, so by offering therapists insight into the impact of trauma on every aspect of daily life and precautions to be taken, my training will also promote a trusting client-therapist relationship.

    My personal experience of childhood disability has also played a part in the decision to offer certain training. Having been the parent of a child with cerebral palsy and being responsible for daily physiotherapy and bowel care, I know only too well how important regular therapy is, and also how difficult it is to access. Treatment is essential in improving muscle tone and assisting with bowel function, among other things. Different types of cerebral palsy involve damage to different parts of the brain, and therefore will vary in how they affect body movement, posture and muscle coordination. I hope to use my personal and professional experience of childhood disability, and my involvement in disabled sport camps to offer training for therapists to be able to provide much sought after treatment for children with cerebral palsy.

    Finally, my experiences as a sports therapist and a surgical nurse who has worked in orthopaedics, combine to give therapists a more medical approach to injuries, examining them in a more in depth manner than most sports therapy courses, which tend to purely look at these injuries from a massage point of view. In my courses I will teach therapists not only the symptoms and how massage will help, but also help them to understand the causes, and risk factors so that they can recognise when a client may be prone to certain injuries. I will also draw on my surgical experience to cover treatment options and preventive measures that therapists can recommend to their client, to aid recovery, and teach surgical assessment tools to rule out issues with surrounding joints, and therefore be better informed about the client's injury.

    Through my courses I can help therapists to understand the physiology and to ask the right questions and be able to recommend some self help measures to the client.

  • I offer

    I offer Swedish, deep colon massage, pregnancy massage, deep tissue, medical and sports massage treatments . I also hold a women's health clinic, treating a wide variety of pregnancy and postnatal issues, medical conditions involving the reproductive system and hormonal imbalances, for example, endometriosis, PMDD, and infertility, and I also treat many women who have suffered domestic abuse or been through other types of trauma, often resulting in PTSD.

    I am also one of a handful of therapists in the UK that treat children with cerebral palsy through massage, and that offers a bowel care service.

  • I teach

    I teach courses to both people starting out in the therapy field and to established therapists who wants to develop their knowledge and skills, particularly with a medical focus. I also offer teaching sessions to couples and parents.

  • I am based in

    I offer treatments in Tunbridge Wells in Kent. I have also treated a few celebrity clients, who can be assured that confidentiality is maintained no matter what your background.

  • My qualifications

    IHBC Diploma Swedish Massage and Preheat treatments
    BSc equivalent Nursing
    BSc Midwifery
    Active IQ Diploma in Sports Massage
    IICT in Pregnancy Massage
    IICT in Trigger Point Therapy
    IICT in Colon Massage

    Accredited tutor with Think Tree

  • I am fully registered and insured.

    It is essential to see a therapist who is registered with a professional body and who is insured, to protect both the client and the therapist in the rare event of a complaint or claim. Please be reassured that I have never had any complaints or claims made against me. I was registered with the NMC as a nurse and a midwife and am now registered with the FHT, ensuring that professional stabdards are maintained. This registration means that I am obliged to show evidence of continued professional development and training. Thisis also required for insurance purposes.

    My registration and insurance covers my work as a therapist and as a tutor.I am an accredited tutor through Think Tree and they are also responsible for approving and accrediting all of my courses, which ensures that these courses are of a high standard.


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